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Dog training should not be a chore but a lifestyle for you and your dog.

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I remember the first time I knocked that door to my neighbor’s home.

I was 12 years old.  I needed some funds to do agility class with my dog and I was willing to work to get it.

“Hi, my name is Lynzie.  I live just up the street.  Do you have a dog in the home?”

That was my pitch.  

You see, I’d actually been training dogs since I was nine years old, believe it or not.  Some people are born able to draw really well.  Or maybe they pick Lansing Michigan Trick Dog training classup an instrument without much effort.

My pen, my instrument have always been dogs.

So here I was, a precocious 12 year old, going door to door offering dog training sessions for $10 a piece in order to be able to afford agility classes with my dog.

And, guess what?

Our dog training makes building a bond with your dog fun.

Our dog training makes building a bond with your dog fun.

I got hired!  And I did a great job for my first clients.

My start in dog training was definitely an unorthodox one.

But since that time I’ve grown up and progressed quite a bit.

For starters, I don’t charge $10 for dog training anymore.

But also, since then, I’ve earned dozens of awards, won countless competitions, attended the most prestigious dog training school in the country, done presentations at dozens of schools, and trained scores of dogs.

These days I offer both a training style and training results that aren’t found anywhere else in the Fowler, Michigan.


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