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Group Classes in Carson City, Michigan.

When it comes to dog ownership there are certain standards that we essentially agree to with our dog.

1- We agree to shelter our pets.  

2- We agree to provide them quality food and plenty of water.

3- We agree to give them veterinary care.

4- We promise to give plenty of love and attention and care.

5- We agree to train our dogs and teach them how to navigate in our world.

Does every dog owner in Michigan need to hire a professional dog trainer?


Molly is working on her down stay skill, in the Basic Manners class.

There are plenty of folks who can go it alone.

But, at a bare minimum, our recommendation is that every dog owner at least train their dog with some group dog training classes.

Even if a dog owner has a solid grasp of dog behavior and training it is still helpful to attend group classes for socialization, distraction training, and more.

We offer affordable dog training through group classes in the Carson City, Michigan area.


See the schedule below and call (989) 307-911 to book your slot!

Carson City Harvey’s Milling Group Class schedule: All classes are 7 weeks with the first week being orientation 

Wednesday5:15-6:15 pm Basic manners class ($105.00) ( held at Harveys milling in Carson City) 



Thursday 5:15-6:15pm Basic Manners class($105.00) ( held at Harvey Milling Carson City)

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Group dog training classes, Lansing, Michigan

St.Johns Michigan dog training class

Is your a dog a MASTER jumper? Ask about our agility dog training class!


Andrea and her rescue greyhound work on the “nose targeting.”




Grand Rapids, Michigan dog training.