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Bodhi and his owner working on the “take a bow” trick.

We specialize in Dog Boarding School for your dog.

A dog that listens? Each of us gets a dog because we want a well-loved family pet.  But lately, you just don’t enjoy your time together.  Every time you try to take him for a walk he drags you do the street.
He bolts out open doors and  doesn’t come when you call him. He embarrasses you by jumping on guests and stealing from the table. You just want your dog to be happy, relaxed and well-behaved, the way you know he can be.  Your dog IS trainable!  Yes!  Even your dog.

At Wilos Wish Dog Training, we specialize in training your dog to fit your lifestyle.  Whether it’s in your home, at the local park, around your neighborhood, or at the lake,  we will help you build a trustful, loving lasting relationship with your dog.

Our unique relationship-based training methods are gentle, humane and easy to use techniques that work with ANY breed of dog. We make training fun for you and your dog and help you thoroughly enjoy your relationship together.  Your dog will become the dog you have always dreamed of having.



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Working on proofing stays in the Novice Obedience class. We have a lot of fun in our classes while teaching life skills.