Sep 012016


No, Stop that! Yes, that is what Yoder’s mom was always saying to him. In fact by the time Yoder came to Wilos Wish Dog Training he was pretty sure his name was ” No, Stop that!” But that was all about to change when Yoder was in enrolled in our board and train school!

Yoder’s mom was a very busy person and poor Yoder just loved her so much when she got home that he wanted to jump a

Yoder practicing his down stay.

Yoder practicing his down stay.

ll over her, he got so excited to go for walks that he wanted to pull her every where, because well you know his mom couldn’t walk fast enough!

Every time someone walked in the door Yoder was jumping on them and bolting out ALL open doors! These things had to to stop! 

He also thought that being in the house was play time and that he could be running around, barking, chasing the cat was acceptable.

We immediately set boundaries with Yoder that jumping was not an option. From the day he cam to Wilos Wish Dog Training we encouraged him to sit for everything, sit to be let out of the door, sit to be let in, sit for his food and sitting when asking for attention.

By rewarding him for sitting and ignoring his unwanted behavior of jumping, the jumping started to go away. While encouraging him to sit for what he wanted his door bolting also went away, by teaching a solid sit and re enforcing a sit stay at ALL doors, car doors, house doors and crate doors, Yoder was learning that bolting out doors was no longer an option.

While Yoder was a big teddy bear his massive size was an issue when going on walks, when Yoder wanted to go some where he wanted to go there now!

At Wilos Wish Dog Training we teach ALL dogs no matter what their size is , they need to walk by our side on a loose leash. The way we do that is we become a human post, when the dog goes to pull us on the leash we stop moving forward and freeze! We then walk back wards to get the dog’s attention and to get them back into the the correct position.

Once they are back into position we will reward them and then proceed forward. If the dog starts to tighten up their leash then we again stop become a human post and get the dog’ s attention to the position we want them in. Yoder progressed very nicely with learning to walk on the loose leash.

By the time Yoder’s stay at Wilos Wish Dog Training was over he could now walk on a loose leash, he was not jumping, he had learned we don’t bolt in or out any kind of door and that being calm in the house was expected of him.

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