Dec 282015

“Toby, no!” “Toby, come!” “Come, Toby!”

Yes that is what Toby’s mom was always yelling at Toby. You see Toby liked to run away from his mom and only come back when he waDog Training Dewitt Michigans ready. Well that was not always safe for little Toby. One night Toby slipped out the door on his mom in the midnight darkness and Toby’s mom knew right then she needed help.

Toby’s mom found Wilos Wish Dog Training for training on his recall. Now with Toby we knew training had to be all his idea and it had to be a game. Because life far to short to be so serious all the time and who wants to come to a mom that is boring, “O look Squirrel!”

So our first lesson started out with teaching Toby that when you come to me the first time I say your name chicken falls from the sky and when you come to me super fast I run the other way and more chicken falls from the sky. Well Toby caught on to that game and he mastered the first skill. You see Toby figured he was training his mom, I run to her and chicken falls from the sky.

The next step with Toby was now to start teaching him that you need to pay attention to where I am. So Toby’s mom started playing hide and seek with Toby.When Toby found her chicken rained from the sky. Well we all know Toby loves it when it rains chicken.

At first when Toby’s mom would hide from him he would panic because he couldn’t find her. Then he caught on and started learning that I need to watch her even if I am sleeping. So Toby began sleeping with one eye open to make sure his mom never got away from him and of course he knew that when his name was called “Toby!” that chicken rained from the sky.

The last step with Toby was putting him to the test. Now we had to make sure that he really understood that his name meant that the faster you come to me the more chicken rains from the sky and that you need to always watch me no matter what is going on.

Now to see how much Toby learned. We took him to the park off leash and we let him sniff the air and before his mom could get “To-by!” all the way out he was on a dead run to her! Game over!

“Shhh we wont’ tell me that it was all my idea and I have the sky trained to rain chicken when she calls my name!” Love Toby


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