Jun 272015

Mica the Pomsky lives with the Scott family in Fenton, Michigan. Her family had always loved the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian, but could never decide which of the two breeds would fit their family, so that is when Mica the Pomsky came along. She was exactly the combination of dog they had always dreamed of having, all though her behavior was not what they had dreamed of having to deal with.

Candy was getting so frustrated with Mica, her house training was not going good, she was tearing up everything, screaming in her crate and the worst of the worst, taking off anytime she got a chance. The Scott’s loved Mica dearly but her bad behaviors had to stop.

We were contacted and Mica came for or 2 week board and train program and her bad behaviors were about to turn into everything good. She worked on her house training, going in her crate when and asked an laying quietly, coming when called even off leash with distractions and her general obedience. Mica worked very hard while she was here and the time came when she was ready to go home.

The Scott’s dream breed has became their dream dog they have always wanted. Mica comes when called, no longer fights to go in her crate or screams when she is in there. She does not chew up everything and anything she can get a hold of and the best of all she is now Completely house trained!