Jul 252016

Wanted to share a personal experience we had yesterday! My daughter, Maira, has been working with our dog, Maple, in 4H. Maple has some anger issues with other dogs… 🙂 It is a constant issue during the 4H meetings as she fires-off barking and lunging at the other dogs. It has caused problems both times Maira has shown Maple at the fair. Maira wants to show Maple at the state competition at MSU this year, so I contacted Lynzie and said we had had enough of Maple’s behavior and would she please help. Lynzie was quick to respond and met us before the next show at the fair to see if we could adjust Maple’s attitude. 🙂Within 5 minutes, Lynzie had Maple ignoring other dogs!!! I’m not exaggerating. Then Lynzie taught Maira how to continue working with Maple and in another 5 min Maira could walk Maple right next to any other dog without her firing off! It was amazing! And this not only helped Maple in social situations, but also in her obedience to Maira! Maple became focused on her, understanding who was in charge. 2 hours later, Maira and Maple placed 1st in the Rally competition! Thank you Lynzie!!!

Kristen and Maira VanBeveren


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