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Khya looked so sad sitting at the end of her chain, all alone infested with infested with fleas and ticks. Her owners knew right than and there that they needed to take her from that horrible home. That is when it all began, Khyas true personality surfaced. dog training, lansing, grand rapids, ionia

She was always timid around dogs, they just figured she would grow out of it. So her owners made sure to take her to dog parks, puppy play dates and anything and every where they could to socialize their newly found furry baby. As Khya got older her problems and fears over being around other dogs seemed to improve. She never fully trusted other dogs until she was around them a little bit.

Life when on and her owners and Khya moved back to Michigan, now skip forward a few years and Khyas story really starts to unfold.

Khya’s fear started to turn into aggression towards other dogs and soon she wanted to attack every one and any one she saw. In fact she had attacked a few dogs and now she could not be near or around any dogs.

Her owners where on their last hope of what to do for Khya when they called Wilos Wish Dog Training. She was enrolled in our board and train program and her transformation began.

On her first day here at,  Wilos Wish Dog Training, we immediately set rules and boundaries for Khya. We also did not put her in any situation that we knew she couldn’t handle. A key factor in helping a dog like Khya is building their confidence up in situations that they panic. The reason she would lunge at the end of a leash was because she wanted to get to the dog before the dog got her.

On the second day we introduced Khya to a muzzle, this was for her protection, my protection and any dog of mine we had working with her. We started out by having Khya just simply laying or sitting next to a calm dog that would rush or charge her, but also would not be afraid of her.

As Khyas training progressed her muzzle was removed and was allowed to have interaction with other dogs, again ones that were controlled and I knew that could be trusted. Khya’s confidence started to improve and you could see the “anger” towards other dogs leave her body.

Khya now lives happily with her owner and other dog, that she could never play with or be in the same room with.

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The first video is of when Khya first arrived at Wilos Wish Dog Training. The second video around 2 weeks into her training. The third video is of Khya and her house mate for the first time in 6 years being able to be to play together let alone be in the same room together.