Jun 272015

Heather Bliss and her family live in Grand Rapids, Michigan with there  Golden Retriever, Jersey. All though Jersey was a valued member of their family they were often very frustrated with many of her annoying behaviors, to the point that re homing her was becoming a last resort. All though re homing her was not the choice the Bliss family wanted to take, they were at their wits ends on her bad  behaviors such as, bolting out the door and having to be chased at odd hours of the night, not wanting to bring the tennis ball back, dragging them down the road when trying to be walked, and the worst her biting.

They then decided if they were going to keep Jersey something had to be done and had to be done fast! So off to our board and train program she came, with in weeks her behaviors started to change. She could be walked on a leash, was coming off leash when called, the game of fetch was now fun because she was bringing the ball back! Jersey was not biting every time you wanted to touch her feet or clip her nails and the best part was she was now a valued part of the Bliss family once again!