Jul 072016

Hershey, O Hershey! Hershey is a 1 1/2 year old chocolate lab that didn’t like dogs, any dogs for that matter! So when her family decided to add another dog to the family they didn’t realize how bad Hershey was! In fact her name was Bad Hershey!

When Hershey’s owners brought home a third addition to the family a little chiweanie Hershey immediately went after the little dog and wanted to KILL him! She did not like the new family member and was letting them know that right from the start.

Hershey’s family also could not take her for walks, she could not go to the family cabin because of her awful behavior. Poor Hershey had to sit at home all alone.

Hershey’s family decided that it was time to get Hershery some help and she was enrolled in to Wilos Wish Dog Training board and train school. They knew that this was their last option to save Hershey.

Once Hershey arrived at Wilos Wish Dog Training her training began immediately. We first worked with her on walking on a loose leash. This is always one of the behaviors we work on first. We need the dog to understand that we are in charge and they need to listen.

Next we addressed one of Hershey’s biggest problems which was getting along with other dogs. We wanted to show her that she did not need to attack other dogs but could be around them peacefully. When doing this we made sure to praise her for acceptable behavior such as just merely hanging out with my dogs, not growling or snarling.

Half way through Hershey’s training she got to go on a field trip to PETSMART. The last time she went into a pet friendly store she dragged her owner across the store, barked and lunged at other dogs. It was so upsetting her owner she had to leave.

Hershey now was able to walk through the store and not bother anything on the shelf, walk calming while I pushed the shopping cart and the best thing of all the cashier said ” wow what a well behaved dog she was!” Now well behaved and Hershey never went in the same sentience.

Hershey is now home and her and her fury friend are best beds and they love to play together. She also gets to go to the family cabin, go for walks off leash and go swimming! Hershey now is Hershey Good Dog and not Hershey Bad Dog!

Is your dog embarrassing you with their behaviors of pulling on the leash or wanting to lunge at other dog’s like Hershey? No worries we can fix that.

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First video of when Hershey first came to Wilos Wish Dog Training for board and train school.


Hershey went home ( the little black dog) is the dog she hated before coming to Wilos Wish Dog Training.