Dec 282015

Dog’s can provide a lot of things to humans comfort, emotional support, along with helping do daily chores that we not be able to do our selves. That leads me to Griffens story. Grand Rapids Michigan Dog Training

Griffen was a wonderful Golden Doodle that was going to be trained to be an emotional support dog for a young boy. A boy that needed a constant companion, a dog that would help him cope with going out in public, a dog that would wash his fears away when his anxiety got too high.

Corbin needed a dog that minded in public and listens to him no matter what going on. That is when Griffen came to Wilos Wish Dog Training for some brush up training. He was in enrolled in one of our advanced programs to brush up his public manners. Now see when Griffen went into public it was time to “PARTY” he kinda forgot he had a job he needed to do.

Once Girffen got to “school” we first started on doing some refresher courses on his basics. We wanted to make sure his foundation skills such as leave it, sitting and waiting at doors, heeling on a leash, and his stays were solid. Once we saw that those foundation skills were solid at our house we took him out in the “real” world.

We now had to teach Griffen that those foundation skills need to transfer over even the most distracting of places. The would include the pet store, where people wanted to pet him and there was goodies at his level. Griffen also was learning that we wait at doors, even if you really wanted to be petted, because he did have a job he needed to do.

A big issue for Griffen was just learning to settle done. We taught him to “settle” on a bed. That was his chill out spot, while in the house he would learn that when he is on that spot its time to relax. By Griffen learning that command we could now transfer “settle” to any place we wanted him to relax.

After a hard days work Griffen climbs up in bed with his boy and dreams of another day out in “PARTY” land.


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