Jul 212015

Rottweiler Training Lansing/Grand Rapids
Gracie the Rottweiler lives with her family in Edmore, Michigan. Gracie was a very sweet dog to people he knew but those she didn’t know it was like Dr. Heckle and Mr. Hide! Gracie’s parents own their own business and wanted to take Gracie to work but feared something may happen, so they contacted Wilos wish k9 academy to help.

Looking for Rottweiler Training in the Lansing/Grand Rapids area contact Wilos Wish!

When Gracie arrived for her first private lesson it was like a fire ball came bursting out of their truck! She had no trust, lots of fear, and really did not know how to handle situations. We began to slowly show her how to trust and that by trusting her owners they would take care of things. She loved tennis balls and would do anything for them, so we used that as a main reward for her. When she chose the right behavior her ball magically appeared!

By the end of the summer and several private lessons later Gracie became a service dog for her Dad! She now goes every in their shop and stores by her Dads side!