Dec 282015

German Shepherd (shepard) Training East Lansing & Grand RapidsA tale of two German Shepherd puppies.

Bruce and Michelle Ferguson needed dog training help with two dogs.  A dog aggressive 7 year old GSD and a new 9 week old “pistol” GSD.

Googling Cesar Millan the web site recommended  an International Association of Canine Professional (IACP).  They found Lynzie Bacchus in Fowler, Michigan. She owns Wilos Wish K9 academy.  Lynzie is knowledgable and has been very helpful.  She has a pleasant form of authority.  Her goal primarily aimed at having your dog “want” to please you i.e. be… “The dog of your dreams”.

Upon meeting Lynzie and discussing what their goals were for their puppy they decided that enrolling in the Well Mannered Dog unlimited lesson program was the best, as they had future goals with Ginger such as agility and rally.

They are very happy with the advancements both German Shepherds are making.  She is well worth the drive and money.

Bruce and Michelle