Jun 272015

Chloe the English mastiff is a very gentle Mastiff that was rescued by a family in Belding, Michigan. Chloe’s family was devastated one day when she bit someone in the face and they were told that putting her down was the only option.

Chloe’s  family consulted other trainers in the area and they all had the same conclusion, putting her down was the only option they had. They knew they did not want to put their beloved Chloe to sleep so they began the search to find a trainer that could help Chloe.

Wilos Wish K9 Academy was contacted and within 24 hours Chloe was on her way to our 2 week board and train program. When she first arrived she was very nervous and not confident with her self, but that was all soon to change. By the time Chloe left our program she was for the first time able to go for walks with her family, she was not nervous with people around her which in return her biting had stopped, the Eastmen family now knew how to understand Chloe and what her needs where.

The Eastmen family was now able to keep their beloved Chloe when everyone else said there was no hope!