Jul 212015

Labrador Training Serving AlmaBuck the yellow lab lives in Alma, Michigan with his owner Heidi. See now Buck and Heidi have quiet the story. We will start with Heidi and her story and how she came to meet Buck.

Heidi was in need of a service dog, a friend and gentle companion to keep her company. As time went by Heidi had been unsuccessful at finding a trainer or dog that would suit what she was looking for. After months of searching and searching Heidi found Wilos Wish K9 Academy and the long journey of searching was over!

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After weeks of looking for the right dog we found Buck on craigslist needing a home. He was 2 years old and had some basic training, perfect for what Heidi was looking for. So Heidi went and met Buck and they connected instantly. Heidi brought Buck home and the training began for him to be her constant companion and faithful service dog.

Buck is on his way to being a service dog and giving Heidi the freedom she has so longed been waiting for.