About Us


As a child I was asked in school ” What do you want to be when you grow up?”  I always responded with ” a dog trainer.”

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The start of the Jr. Iditarod with Wilo and Rohn in lead.

My dream as a dog trainer didn’t start out that way though. Around 20 years ago I was introduced into the world of dog sledding. From the first time I stepped on the wooden runners of a dog sled and was pulled by a big fluffy husky I knew that’s where my heart belonged!

My journey with sled dogs carried me to a lot of places and I met a lot of people along the way. Some in which needed help with their dogs, such as possibly your self. That’s why you are reading this page right? We’ll get back to that later.

My sled dogs carried me to the Jr. Iditarod, in Alaska in 2003. We started at the start chute and traveled 172 miles together as “one,” to cross the finish line together. Right then I knew I wanted to turn that love of being “one” with my dog, into helping all people feel that they were “one” with their dog.

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Taking off from the starting chute. Beginning our adventures across the Alaskan wilderness.

So it began the beginning of Wilos Wish Dog Training, which the name “Wilo” was named after my special lead dog that lead me the whole 172 miles across the barren Alaskan wilderness.

Wilos Wish Dog Training has helped an a ray of breeds of dogs, with many different problems. We strive to provide you with the furry companion you have always wanted. Though my journey with the sled dogs I learned a very important lesson, one that my training programs are based on, no two dogs learn the same way.

That being said our dog training programs are designed to fit you! With our training you will get the problems solved that no other trainer has been able to help you with.

Wilos Wish Dog Training is based out of Folwer, Michigan, but proudly serves the Lansing, Grand Rapids and surrounding areas.

The love for my dog has taken me to many places and have meant a lot of people and because of that it is now blossoming as a career.

I will be forever grateful to my sled dogs and my special lead dog “Wilo”.

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Wilo at the age of 13. Dog training always as inspiration and she was mine.