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House Training 101Dewitt, Michigan dog training

I remember it like it was yesterday,I finally got to go pick up my new puppy! I had waited 2 months to get her and I was sure I had everything she may need; new bowls, a new leash and collar, food and installed a doggie door to make house training a cinch, or at least I thought.

I brought Tahoe home and we were playing then it happened, she squatted right there in front of me and peed! I stood there not knowing what to do; then every day it was happening. I took her out side and she would come right back in and pee in the house.

How to start your house training:

When you first bring your puppy home you should expect to have a few accidents, it is all new for them.

First what you will need to do is when you are not watching your puppy put him in a room that can be easily cleaned, if an accident does happen. If you want to let your puppy out it is best if he is tied to you, or where you can see her at all times. Making sure your puppy doesn’t self reward ( potty in the house) the easier it is for you to build value in going outside.

When you take your puppy outside take her to the same spot every time, the smell of the previous elimination will help entice your puppy to keeping there.  Make sure to keep your puppy on leash when you take her out, this way you know she is going. Also by having your puppy go to the bathroom on a leash it makes it very normal for them, so that if you travel your puppy will be use to going on a leash.

Next when you take your puppy outside to potty have some good tasting treats with you. Tell your puppy ” to go potty” and when she does reward her. Make sure to reward after she is done going, puppies tend to forget what they are doing if you interrupt them and she may not finish her job.

When you are beginning to teach your puppy to go on command make sure to say your command AS your puppy is going. Once they are consistent you can start saying your command so that your puppy will go when asked. This is super helpful when you are travelling and need to have your puppy potty quickly or even for them to go quickly on a cold winter day.

Caught in the act:

What do you do if you catch your puppy going in the house? If you catch your puppy eliminating in the house you MUST catch them in the act!

Puppies don’t “remember” that they went in the house an hour ago. If you catch them in the act clap your hands to interrupt them, then take them outside to their potty St. Johns, Michigan dog training. spot and give them a reward when they are finished.

You do not want to rub their nose in the pee! That does not teach them to not go in the spot you don’t want them to go, it only teaches them to do it where you can’t see them.

Many times people come home and they say ” he knows” what he did. In reality the puppy does not relate going in the house to something bad, they just know that your body language changes when their is “elimination” around.

To have your puppy be successful at house training remember these simple rules; make sure you are watching your puppy at all times, building lots of value for going outside, and having a house training schedule to go by will make house training easier.

House training schedule:

One of the most important steps in house training is having a house training schedule. Not all puppies will go by a schedule but it makes it a lot easeir on the pups if they can predict what will happen.

Wake up 7 am

Outside immediately

Breakfast at 8:30-9 am

Play session 10:30

Back out side every play session.

A good long walk out side to help your puppy release some energy.

Nap time 12:30-1 pm.

Back outside after nap.

Dinner 4:30-5 pm.

Outside after dinner.

Play session before bed.

Back out side.

Bed time 8:30-9 pm.

It is a good idea to take your puppy outside after they get done eating, drinking, playing or sleeping. Make this a routine and your puppy will start expecting it and go to the door to be let out.

This schedule is not for every puppy, it just gives you a general idea on how to create a schedule that will fit you and your puppy.


There are several ways to teach your puppy they need to go outside, I have found the most efficient is teaching them to ring the “potty bells.”

You can teach your puppy to ring the potty bells by teaching the “Touch” command.

To teach the “Touch” command you will want to follow these 7 simple steps:

Step 1: Put a small piece of food in your hand and let the puppy touch your hand.

Step 2: Repeat step 1 until your puppy is confidently touching your hand with the piece of food in it.

Step 3: Take the food out of your hand and hold your hand out and let your puppy touch it. Then place the food reward in the hand that your puppy touched.

Step 4: Work on your puppy touching your hand no matter where you put it and your puppy is confident in touching your hand.

Step 5: Walk your puppy up to the bells and put your hand on the bells and ask for a touch. If the puppy touches reward from the hand they touched and then let out. In time you won’t need to reward with food your puppies reward will be going out side.

Step 6: Repeat 5 until when you put your hand on the bells your puppy touches your hand 85% of the time.

Step 7: Walk your puppy up to the touch and see if your puppy will touch the bells on their own. If they don’t help them a bit and put your hand on the bells reward when they touch your hand. Then take your hand away and wait  for them to touch the bells.

House training can be frustrating at times, but remember if you are consistent in what you want they will learn. Every puppy learns at different speeds be patient and soon you will have a house trained puppy in no time.


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