Board and Train


If someone was to gift you a vacation getaway what would it look like?

Maybe a lounge chair on a beach?

Perhaps a chalet in the Alps of Switzerland?

Maybe some time with the kids at Disney world?

Regardless, I know you’ve thought about your ideal vacation.  Hopefully you’ve even been able to experience it once or twice.

And while I don’t know what YOUR ideal vacation is, I can guarantee you that I know your DOG’S ideal vacation.

For years I’ve been operating a Board and Train Retreat for dogs who live in Lansing, Grand Rapids, and surrounding areas.

My dog bed and break
fast is located in Fowler and dog owners from all over bring their dogs in for THEIR ideal vacation.

Don’t get me wrong.  My bed and breakfast for dogs isn’t just a vacation spot where your dog can come hang out.  We offer that if you’re headed out of town on vacation.

But more than that my Board and Train Program is highly desired by dog owners like you who are looking to see change in their dog’s behavior.

When your dog comes to our Board and Train Program it’s almost as if your dog enters with behavior problems and leaves after having an amazing vacation with all sorts of new behaviors and having gottenJumping up on people, Michigan dog training, Carson City rid of old bad behaviors.

I want to tell you about your dog’s vacation spot but first let me tell you who this is for.

  • Dogs who are suffering from aggression or anxiety problems.  Both of these issues need similar training to help.
  • Dogs who are dealing with destruction, chewing, digging, and more.
  • Owners who want both and off leash control.  Imagine being able to take your dog anywhere and having your dog actually listen to you.

While there are some other dog trainers who offer a similar program there are really two things which make our Board and Train Program stand out

Most dog trainers simply use treats to bribe your dog into being obedient.  This works fine…unless there are bigger distractions than a treat.

And for many dogs who are aggressive, destructive, hyper, or disobedient they won’t care about treats when it really counts.

We use a balanced approach that involves plenty of positive motivation combined with correction that is meaningful but fair and humane.

2- Amenities, amenities, amenities.

I’ve been envisioning this dog sanctuary since I was a child.  And now I’ve got it.

Imagine your dog spending time on 2.5 acres.  Imagine your pup learning to swim in our pond for fun and to learn confidence.

Running our agility course to learn body awaredog training classes, michigan dog training, group classes, carson cityness and to work through anxiety issues.

dog training, michigan, michigan

Our goal is to give you the family companion you have always wanted.

Hanging out in our play yard with my pack to learn how to be social.

During your dog’s time here learning how to be obedient and listen to you your dog will be hanging out on the proverbial farm.  Exercising, playing,
learning, and growing.

Dogs love the swimming, the pack, the agility, the obedience.  It’s the most idyllic setting you could possibly have for your dog to learn to get over behavior problems.

And to top it off, after your dog gets some great behavior at our retreat we’re going to work with you and show you how to maintain it all.  In private sessions you’ll also be able to get on and off leash control.  And keep those behavior problems gone.Interested in giving your dog this retreat experience?  Call-( 989) 307-9711


dog training classes, michigan dog training, group classes, carson city


dog training classes, michigan dog training, group classes, carson city